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  Fees and Booking

Ayurvedic Day Workshops

$95 per person

Maximum 15 people
For yoga, massage, and natural healing groups
Longer retreats for groups arranged separately

Day Experience

$275 for a single person

$425 for 2 people

Constitutional analysis
Ayurvedic cooking
1.5 hour Abhyanga massage

Special retreat for couples

2 day / 1 night program
4 treatments and 8 Ayurvedic meals

$1195 per couple

Group Retreats

Flexible to suit your needs

Call to discuss price

Private Meditation Retreats

Flexible to suit your needs

$135 for one person

$175 for 2 people



We customize all programs at Rasayana Cove to suit your personal needs. This is done through email and phone appointments so the therapists may recommend a program to address your individual health needs. For 1st time clients we begin each program with a 2 hour consultation priced at $95. This informs the client of the science of Ayurveda as it pertains to his and her personal physical/ emotional/ and mental well being. The consultation ends with a private cooking class before sharing lunch.

The following prices are per person per diem rates that are all inclusive. They include the charges for accommodation, 3 vegetarian Ayurvedic meals, and treatments. Please note that retreats created for couples are reduced by 10% from the individual rate x 2. See Residential Couples Retreat.


$395 in cabin

special oil massage


$475 in cabin

oil flow over the body with 2 therapists


$425 in cabin

oil flow over head

Additional Treatments and Services  



special oil massage



medicated oil applied to the colon



massage and medicated oil applied to the sinus area



gentle purgation therapy

Personalized 90 minute cooking classes



Meditation instruction

no charge

Booking and Cancellations  

To finalize your booking with us we ask that you send us a check of 1/2 of the total fee of your retreat. Since we receive only 1 to 3 people at a time for our residential treatment programs we do tend to book well in advance. Our goal is to serve you personally at all levels of your healing process. We begin supporting you with practical preparations when you reserve your dates. We ask that you commit to those dates. In cases when you must cancel we can refund 80% of the deposit if the cancellation occurs before a month prior to the agreed dates of your retreat.

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Retreat in central Florida on a 25 acre nature reserve. Meditation, Kerala Ayurveda oil massage, and personalized Ayurvedic cooking. Private cabin for a solitary meditation retreat or a couples cabin for pairs. www.ayurvedicretreat.com rasayana@cyberstreet.com

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