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  Rasayana Cove Guests' Remarks
Click to read our guests' remarks...

L.D. -

"best present I have ever given myself -- a gift of stillness"

C.W. -

"utmost trust in you ... to get to some deeper issues"

L.M. -

"creating a space of blissfulness"

S.W. -

"surrounded by beauty and peacefulness -- profound experience"

Dr. A.A. -

"cholesterol dropped over 30 points"

M.H. -

"frogs, flowers, Resurrection ferns and the magic tree"

Dr. R.S. -

"[your client] sang your praises repeatedly"

Dr. E.P. -

"rash is improved ... I feel healthier"

G.M. -

"felt fully relaxed"

K.L. -

"deeply healing, nurturing, purifying inside and out"

Dr. M.S. -

"The sounds are soft.  The sights voluptuous. ... lullabied me"


G.M., director, non-profit humanitarian agency, Ecuador, South America

I had a wonderful time at Rasayana Cove.  I left really relaxed and still feel that way.  I have made some positive changes.  I am drinking a lot of Ginger tea, which seems to help my digestion, at least my tongue is less white.  I eat more oatmeal for breakfast.  I have incorporated several new yoga asanas into my practice, which are supposed to help with my digestion, but for sure are helping with a chronic neck problem.  I even made some ghee.

Dr. R.S., Ayurvedic physician and author

I did a consult with C.W. last week - she sang your praises (both of you) repeatedly, and reported her 2 weeks at Rasayana Cove to have been one of the best experiences of her life.  Good work!

Dr. E.P., MD, Lakeland, Florida

Thank you so much for the wonderful day we spent with you.  My rash is improved, my hair looks better and I feel healthier.  W. was ecstatic over the experience.

L.D., real estate agent, Ft .Myers, Florida

My way-too-brief stay at Rasayana Cove has been the best present I have ever given myself... "a gift of stillness" surrounded by the beauty of nature at its finest, coupled with warm hospitality, healthy and delicious food prepared especially for me, all with the added bonus of the calming rasayana oil treatments - what more could a body and soul ask for?!  Your "aloneness" is honored and graciously enhanced by the imparting of Julia's great Ayurvedic cooking knowledge and principles.  I leave far richer than I ever imagined.

C.W., Montessori teacher, Upstate New York

The love and nurturing that I've found here has affected me on so many levels that I'm not sure I can begin to describe it - but I truly know that it will unfold more and more as I enter into my own life. 

You can't begin to know how nervous I was when I arrived (thinking that maybe I had gotten into something a little deeper than I anticipated) and from the time Dinesh met me at the airport and shared with me some of his spiritual quest I began to feel more at ease. After a wonderful lunch and my first massage (we won't count the nasya just yet) I was on my way.  Oddly enough the nasya ( which wasn't my most favorite) convinced me that things were beginning to move - and I had the utmost trust in you that I was taking the steps needed to get to some deeper issues. 

Whenever issues arose you were there to support me and help me work through them - and you really listened and heard what I had to say.

L. M., nurse-anesthetist, Long Boat Key, Florida

About Shirodhara...

It is as if serenity were to be liquid, warmed, then continuously poured, sweeping the head, just above the brow, creating a space of blissfulness. 

My stay here at Rasayana Cove has allowed me an opportunity to stop - to slow my life down.  With this deceleration I have come to face the most difficult person - myself. 

In my initial stay feelings overwhelmed me to the point of wanting to leave.  I stayed.  I learned to totally stay in the emotional storm and to walk within the hurricane and sit directly in the middle.  The storm passed and left me exhausted, both emotionally and physically.  In this event I learned to breathe, trust, and even gained insight as to who I just might really be! 

The fellowship is more than I can say.  I am work! Dennis, you are a kind and gentle man.  Julia, the food is great, cabin beautiful, etc.  But the most important thing is both of you, your hearts, your compassion, your wit and certainly your unrelenting guidance.

S.W., waitress/mother of three, Sanibel Island, Florida

When asked to write down what I have gotten from coming to Rasayana Cove the first thing that comes to my mind is "the very thing I came here for, and more."  With much gratitude I say that and it is true.  I was very drawn to this place from the minute I read about it.  It seemed so right for me.  And it has been.  I found that being surrounded by such beauty and peacefulness is so much of what I needed in addition, of course, to the treatments and knowledge. 

The treatments were wonderful.  It took 2 or 3 days for me to relax physically enough to enjoy them. 

The knowledge that I gained here is the best.  You talked with me a lot about all the things I was questioning and gave me a lot to read as well. 

The accommodations and food are wonderful, too.  All in all I can only say really good positive things about my experience here. 

And a very big
Thank You So Much!



Dear Julia and Dinesh!

Words cannot say what I feel... but I do know that coming back to the pace of "reality of the householder" has let me see what a profound thing the experience I had with your place and you both and all you are and all you give!  Oh my!  Life is Bliss!

Thank you from the Unboundedness of the Universe!

Truly Love
And Sincere Heartfelt Thanks!

Dr. A.A., CEO, Health Care for Homeless People, Park City, Utah

I thought you might like to know that, except for noisy neighbors waking me up one night, I've been sleeping without prescription meds for about 6 hours per night.  This is a great accomplishment for me, and I attribute it to my time at your retreat.  I also had my cholesterol level checked, after an overnight fast last Thursday, and I've dropped over 30 points.  I think this is a result of the triphala, and probably of de-stressing.  This is pretty remarkable.  This usually only takes place through prescription cholesterol medications that have their own side effects, and even when taking these meds the results are not usually as marked as this.  I will want to talk to you about how often I should use it.  This is a pretty marked result. I hadn't concentrated on lowering my cholesterol level as part of my retreat process, but it's a great side benefit.  My HDL/LDL ratio is not ideal (I have heart problems in my family history), so this is great news.  The ratio is better as a result of the numbers.  I have dropped out of the high heart risk category.

K.L., yoga teacher and healer

I gained the magical gift of a sacred experience.

Living simply in a small rustic cabin with the bare necessities inside and in abundance of nature outside.

Eating the delicious foods Julia so lovingly and knowledgeably prepared.

Receiving daily oilings which are deeply healing, nurturing, purifying inside and out.

Choosing unhurriedly to sit, walk, listen, see, feel, rest, meditate, move, write, draw, read, breathe – undemanding activities engaging all my bodies

Feeling supported in my mind, body, heart, unwind, recognize, cooperate, and soar

Peace and Joy of the Moment

I am reminded once again that my work, my life purpose, is continually enhanced by this magical gift to myself… Rasayana Cove, Julia and Dinesh Mader.

Dr. M.S., agency director, New York, New York

This seems like what Mother’s love is at its best – Physical –  non-verbal-delicious-nutritious-healing-deep-beyond words-nurturing-saturating-deep-ongoing-uninterrupted-multisensory-no way for me to say no – which I’m good at –because it’s not about words or ideas.  I have received – deeply. And needy as I am, I don’t receive easily.  

I would try to put it figuratively in a bottle to dip into in the upcoming weeks and month if I could name it – But it’s outside naming for me right now.

I feel totally safe here – I have not had to perform, look nice, produce anything, go hungry , thirsty or without sleep. The sounds are soft. The sights are voluptuous. The birds and cows have lullabied me. The food is delectable. I feel great gratitude for the skill and sweetness I have received.

Love, M

M.H., computer professional, Jacksonville, Florida

It was wondrous to come to know Florida so close to nature.  Frogs and flowers, an oak canopy and Horse Creek, Resurrection ferns and the magic tree were all very close to my eyes and heart from the small cabin you offered me. 

I arrived like a Vata wind full of turmoil.  Now the dead stalks of my history are happily composting.  I feel able to ride the winds of change nourished by the deep ground of my essential being. 

Your gift was teaching me to take all this in.  You offered me care for both body and soul, helping me to pray through to the peace and restoration I feel now.  

Thank-you for the treatments and the food and for the love that infused both.  I'll be back.

Retreat in central Florida on a 25 acre nature reserve. Meditation, Kerala Ayurveda oil massage, and personalized Ayurvedic cooking. Private cabin for a solitary meditation retreat or a couples cabin for pairs. www.ayurvedicretreat.com rasayana@cyberstreet.com

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